Workman's Comp Fraud

Workers' Compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who may become injured on the job. Unfortunately there are those individuals who seek to exploit this safety net and make fraudulent claims in order to receive undue compensation. Or employers seeking to unjustly deny a worker of the compensation they are owed for their own material gain. Workers' Compensation Fraud is defined as an individual who knowingly makes a false representation of a material fact to obtain or to deny workers' compensation benefits or to avoid responsibility under the law. If you are an employee who believes that you are unjustly being denied workers' compensation due to the misrepresentation of information by the employer then call the private investigators at Point P.I. to assist you with getting the compensation you are owed. If you are an employer who believes that an employee is falsely reporting information in order to receive Workers' Compensation then Point P.I. is here to get the facts for you.